Palladium Boots

In the 1920s; as the aviation industry was really taking off, Palladium were manufacturing the best tyres that money could buy. Layering canvas bands under vulcanised rubber to create durable, premium tyres made them popular so that the majority of aircraft in the European skies were using Palladium. As demand declined they turned their hands, and feet, to footwear and put that same quality and precision innovation into their Palladium Boots. Their iconic design the Palladium Pampa Boot became the starting point for Palladiums exceptional designs and boasts rugged style for the tough, varied terrain they are capable of traversing. Soon the French Foreign Legion were issued Palladium Boots and took them over the Atlas Mountains to thoroughly test their abilities. Today, Palladium are exploring more ground, giving all outdoors lifestyles a fashionable boost while giving unrelenting performance with every step on treks and trails all over the globe. We love an adventure here at Blackleaf so why not join us and step into a pair of Palladium footwear to explore the wilderness.