Expertly designed premium gear, with a unique sense of Norwegian style, Napapijri was established back in 1987 under the towering gaze of Monte Bianco, the tallest peak in all of Europe. Having the innovative idea to merge quality materials and a design aesthetic from Norway, an Italian designer established Napapijri as the go-to brand for any kind of outdoor lifestyle adventure. Encapsulating some of the most extreme environments on Earth, the name Napapijri is a variation on the name for Arctic Circle in Finnish. The logo with a yin-yang theme represents both the North and South Poles. On each Napapijri product, whether its their coveted backpacks, jackets or clothing collections, the Norwegian flag is utilised to showcase the lifeblood of the brand that represents not only the country’s own challenging conditions, but the heritage of being the land that inspired so many of its own native intrepid explorers. Step into the unknown with Napapijri here at