Sustainable living and protecting the environment is an important part of any outdoors lifestyle, so after witnessing far too much in the way of plastic bottles while enjoying the wilderness, Mizu created a brand to evoke the mantra ‘Protecting Where We Play’. The idea is to replace single-use products with reusables such as their collection of Mizu drinks bottles and cookware so that not only can you look after the climate as you head out on the next adventure, but enjoy a high quality, durable product at the same time. As the innovative minds behind Mizu love all aspects of the outdoors, they know what it takes to make a premium product which means all Mizu water bottles and mugs use only the best materials along with practical and intuitive designs making them easy and comfortable to use. Each style of Mizu flask, cup and water bottle has also been tested in real-world situations letting you keep hydrated time and again. Practical and ideal for being eco-conscious on your next adventure, find Mizu at Blackeaf.com.