HEX Backpacks

Born from a rich heritage that saw musicians Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares turn their natural talent and years of experience in sound and visual art to designing innovative clothing accessories, HEX focuses on the view that technology and style are equal in design. Since 2010, the HEX brand has grown from the years of experience gained by the founders in previous collections to become renowned for high quality HEX backpacks and cases. The ethos and design process behind each of the HEX bags, whether it's their HEX packs, larger HEX duffel style holdalls or HEX phone cases and computer sleeves, focuses on making them perform to a high standard of function, while looking great doing it. The collection of HEX bags use premium materials and fabrics to achieve durable constructions, quality finishes, practical function and tactile experiences so that regardless of your outdoor lifestyle, like us here at you will always be ready for carrying your gear into the next adventure.