Earthwell Bottles

Earthwell design and craft premium stainless steel flasks with the highest quality materials and closest attention to detail. A high value on design, performance, function and durability is placed on these bottles; allowing them to stand out from the rest. The timeless Woodie comes with precision hardwood caps and and their unique EarthGrip powder coat all in a lightweight design, the Roaster is made to sip or chug coffee that stays warm for up to 12 hours, and the Kewler keeps drinks cool for up to 32 hours; creating the perfect bottle for any situation. Unique features such as stand-out bottle opener caps combine with their dedication towards looking after our environment by supporting 1% for the Planet and The Conservation Alliance, creating a truly unique and caring brand. We’re proud to stock the Earthwell range on Blackleaf so we can offer their wares to outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts who push boundaries yet play hard.


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