Niklas Kiesling

Niklas Kiesling

20 | Heilbronn, Germany

I'm Niklas - a 20 year old landscape photographer from Germany. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship as a nurse to be able to study medicine afterwards. In my spare time I love to spend every single minute outdoors. There's something about being out in nature and taking photographs that relaxes me from a long day in the hospital. With my work I aspire to inspire people to get outside and see the world on their own. To me it's important to be outside because it grounds me, it reminds me of how big the world is and how small my problems actually are in comparison to everything else that is going on around me. No matter how bad we're feeling, how dark things may seem or how tough life gets - there's something beautiful out there. Even if you don't have the means or the time to go out there and see it for yourself - I think that it helps to know that at least it's there.

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