Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran


For me photography is taking an image, freezing a moment, to reveal the richness of life. I have always taken the quote of the late, great Henri Cartier-Bresson to heart when he said "photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event". It wasn't until a few years back when I had the chance to explore the state of Washington that really left me with the feeling of insignificance against the grandeur of Mother Nature and really have inspired me to travel + explore ever since.

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This image was taken back in June when we had the opportunity to travel to British Columbia. Prior to us getting in we got notifications that the weather during the trip would be rain and cloudy. We woke up around 4:30am to prepare for this hike; it was light rain and foggy and we decided to venture on anyway and in the end this view paid off.


We had just landed in Iceland around 5:00am in Reykjavik for our honeymoon. Had recently gotten our rental car we headed straight to Budir where among other things have this famous black church. What a glorious Icelandic sunrise.


Back around Thanksgiving, we had decided to take a family trip (my wife + our two rescue dogs) on a car ride towards New Mexico. It was a long ten hour trip once we checked into our Airbnb. We decided to wake up early and be at White Sands National Monument gate entrance as soon as it opens just so we have the dunes to ourselves. The eerie silence of the place is an experience altogether.