Tentsile Trillium Hammock



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The innovation behind the premium Tentsile Trillium Hammock has made it incredibly versatile as it enables different configuration choices to enhance other Tentsile Tree Tents for a unique outdoors lifestyle camping experience. For a relaxing rest the Trillium can be used by itself as a triple hammock and is reassuringly sturdy due to quality belt straps and heavy duty ratchets or alternatively can be suspended with up to two others underneath a Tentsile Stingray or Vista for extra floors for more people, storage and in the colder weather can be used as insulation as well. Each style of Tentsile Trillium Hammock also comes with fittings to attach a Vista Tent top as well if used alone for use in less favourable weather.


Set up time10 minutes.
Dimensions15x15x15ft /4.4x4.4x4.4m
Area7.5sqm / 80sqf
Weight13lbs / 6.5kg (once experienced, you can save 2.5kg / 6lbs by dropping 2 ratchets from your rigging system)
Fabricmesh - heavy duty PE mesh; colour - black
Ratchets and straps3x Heavy duty stainless steel. 2.5t MBS, 35mm polyester webbing at 6m length each
Fire rating to USA standard CPAI84
Bag size45x17x17cm /18x9x9"
SpecMaximim load - 400kg/880 lbs DO NOT OVERLOAD

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