North Face Pamir Windstopper Etip Gloves

TNF Black


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TNF Black
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Updated for better protection against the wind and touchscreen compatibility, and a new style of design the innovative North Face Pamir Windstopper Etip Gloves are ready for adventures while out exploring what winter has to offer. TNF Windproof fleece fabric is expert at dramatically reducing the effects of wind chill while being flexible; which combined with a superior premium 5 dimensional fit and Radiametric Articulation means while wearing these North Face Pamir Etip gloves you can still move your hands as normal with the comfort of a naturally relaxed position. Besides the reliable and high level of grip from the quality silicone gripper, the palm of each pair of North Face Pamir Windstopper Etip Gloves are also U|R Powered so that regardless of where the outdoor lifestyle takes you, five-finger operation of any touchscreen device is available without having to remove them.


SHELL303 g/m2 WINDSTOPPER - 100% polyester
PALMTKA 300 with U
PALM OVERLAYsynthetic suede with silicone gripper print

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