Buff Headwear

Buff Headwear

Buff began life as a need to create functional headwear to replace needing separate items of head and neck wear. Juan Rojas had worked for 25 years manufacturing premium football shirt brands in Europe when he decided to utilise his knowledge to create high quality Buff headgear he could wear whilst riding his motorbike in any condition. Merging a breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant microfibre with a knitting process that resulted in a seamless comfortable and durable garment and an innovation of a printing procedure able to put designs onto fabric without losing its soft feel nor causing the design to fade in any way. Since then Buff has become a global success since with every type of sports person and outdoor lifestyle enthusiast. The versatility of the Buff Headwear available at Blackleaf means it can be worn as a scarf, headband, bandanna, hat or wristband with comfort and protection from any climate and a style for everyone.