MSR Whisperlite Universal Cook System


MYR585.93 MYR651.28

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  • Hybrid fuel stove for backpacking
  • Air-Control technology maximises the fuel and air mixture for different fuel types
  • Canister liquid feed improves the performance when the weather is cold and the fuel is low, helping to create an more consistent output
  • Wide and stable canister stand
  • Stainless steel stand is wide and stable and keeps the weight to a minimum
  • Suitable for both liquid and canister fuel
  • redesigned leg assembly and self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology is quick and easy to clean whilst in the field
  • What's included?: Fuel pump, windscreen to improve performance in windy conditions, heat reflector, small parts and a stuff sack
  • Fuel bottle not included. For the best results from a canister use MSR IsoPro fuel canisters
Gas Fuel - these products run on Gas Fuel such as butane and propane. They have the advantage of requiring no priming and little maintenance, and deliver instant, easily adjustable heat. A disadvantage of gas stoves is that they will not operate in extreme cold. Gas Fuel

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description