Timberland Boots & Footwear

Think of Timberland and the first image that springs to mind is their iconic boots style; back in the 90's these were kicking about the streets on the feet of nearly every guy you saw and not surprising really considering how great they were. Well, they still are and continue to enjoy the wave of success they're still riding and packed with quality and innovation for every step. From the classic premium waterproof boots to their active sandals, Timberland Boots & Footwear is still very much a must have for anyone wanting stylish shoes for the outdoors lifestyle that are comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to handle whatever kind of terrain you want to throw at them throughout every season of the year. From a 1950's private label manufacturer to a household name worldwide, Timberland Boots and Footwear are showing no signs of slowing down.