Tentsile Tents

Born out of a desire to sustainably enjoy the outdoors lifestyle while at the same time highlighting the global importance of our trees, Tentsile is pure innovation. The idea behind each Tentsile product is to have a suspended tent that can be pitched in trees, or from a secure higher elevation of no more than four feet, plus on the dry ground like a regular tent as well if required. Premium quality materials and a construction of a 2.5 ton webbing strap adjustable frame, a micro mesh roof to prevent insects entering and an exterior of waterproof, Ultraviolet resistant, Polyurethane coated polyester make up these Tentsile Tents, while internally floor straps divide sections for separate hammocks to sleep in. Highly versatile, unrestricted by ground conditions and available in two distinct styles, the Connect and Stingray; the collection of Tentsile Tents and accessories here at Blackleaf are the ideal way to relax and sleep in the wilderness.