SLPY Wearable Sleeping Bag

Tents, Mats, Stoves and Sleeping Bags are all items people use without emotional attachment when they go camping but SLPY have developed the Sleepy which is a something that people simply love! A Sleepy is a new product genre innovation which in essence is a cross over between a sleeping bag, a coat and a onsie. Ideal for festivals, camping adventures, couch surfing, backpacking or simply lounging in around the house. The Original Sleepy is available in six colours and gives the cool camper something that is warm enough to sleep in on the coldest nights but also the flexibility to wear around camp either at breakfast or around the campfire before bed so in essence a wearable sleeping bag. You don't have to climb Everest or cross the polar ice caps to call yourself an adventurer, SLPY is for the everyday camper, the fun seekers, the weekend adventurers, of for those looking to travel. Designed in the UK and manufactured to the same high quality specification as more traditional outdoor brands The Original Sleepy uses the latest premium branded fabrics and zips to ensure your love affair with your Sleepy is a long lasting one. So if you enjoy festivals, backpacking, couch surfing, skating, snowboarding, triathlons, climbing, camping, kayaking, skiing, wake boarding, biking or any other opportunity to embrace the outdoors lifestyle then check out the full range here.


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