Merrell Footwear & Clothing

The leading footwear brand in outdoors lifestyle apparel, Merrell went into business wanting to get people on their feet and into the wilderness. Get up and go is the message that Merrell spread and with a real passion to encourage people to enjoy the great outdoors it's hard not to do just that. Offering a premium selection of shoes, trainers and sandals for rugged and smoother outdoor terrain, Merrell Footwear & Clothing have built a reputation that any brand would love to have; excellent quality Multi Sport Shoes with a stylish twist. For adventurers of all skill levels Merrell hiking boots and mid shoes enjoy innovation in their features that give the wearer quality comfort. Merrell Walking Shoes also benefit from M-Select technology constructed from durable materials with breathable fabrics. Merrell mens and womens shoes will adapt to your individual walking style and offers Vegan friendly shoes along with footwear designed to improve posture and alignment. One of the latest innovations from the brand is the Merrell Barefoot Trainers which give runners a true experience of barefoot running with added protection and freeing your feet and letting them flex naturally. Barefoot shoes work muscles that you've probably not trained before giving an intense workout and allowing you to experience life as it should be; free and with your feet. Fashionable, comfortable and durable; if you're looking for running footwear, you shouldn't be limited to picking just one or two of these qualities as with Merrell Running Shoes, all three are blended together in a collection of styles and colours to give runners a complete workout experience.