Levi's Clothing

The Levi’s brand has a staggering 140 years worth of history from the original innovation of copper rivets to strengthen denim patches on work overalls to the global household status it is today as the leading jeans manufacturer. Levi Strauss & Co made their name originally in durable denim overalls but is more commonly known for creating the first pair of denim pants like the bestselling Levi’s 501 Jeans which actually date back to the 1890s. Chances are if you have never worn a pair of Levi’s Jeans you know someone who has so you will have heard about the premium Levi’s quality and attention to detail meaning you won’t find a more durable and comfortable pair of jeans to wear with both classic and modern style. At Blackleaf we stock an extensive selection of LS&CO Clothing including Levi Belts and Levi Canvas Shoes for you to choose from for a perfect match for your outdoors lifestyle.