In 1897 the Filson brand began as C.C. Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers who with experience of working in a loggers’ outfitting store decided to create premium quality goods that would meet the demands of the Klondike Gold Rush and keep them warm while being functional and practical during the low temperatures and climate. Filson Clothing was made to be durable and designed with innovation and featured materials like Mackinaw Wool for warmth and comfort. Other Filson outdoor gear like boots and shoes, sleeping bags and blankets were made and continually improved after recommendations and requests from customers. After the Gold Rush Filson turned to creating clothing for the timber industry and the popular Filson Cruiser Shirt was born and still remains a bestseller today. Over a century later Filson caters to all aspects of the outdoors lifestyle and here at we have a selection of Filson Bags that includes everyday backpacks, duffle bags, Filson Messenger Bags and more.