Biolite Cooking Systems

The innovative camping products from BioLite offer a simple, efficient way of boiling water, cooking food and charging your electronics in the outdoors with little effort. The Biolite Cooking Systems use twigs and sticks to burn while powering an internal thermoelectric generator which cleverly generates electricity powering an internal heat regulating fan that keeps the stove running more efficiently and also powers a USB charging port for most smaller electronic devices. The Biolite Camp Stove lets you boil water for hot drinks while the Grille Cook System attachment lets you cook food with a wood fired flavour with ease. Due to the innovation of the design of each Biolite stove available here at Blackleaf; they are Eco-friendly plus they light in weight and easy to transport thanks to premium materials and a quality design which is ideal on any camping trip, adventure and as part of your outdoors lifestyle.