Fjallraven Barents Pro Long Walking Pants

Dark Olive

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Regular fit

  • Durable
  • Wind-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Reinforced knees and rear
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • Total of six pockets

Detailed Product Info

Material 65% Polyester
35% Cotton

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

14 August 2017

The Barents Pro trousers are my first Fjallraven product and my first experience of the G1000 fabric. My initial impressions are that there is a lot of attention to detail and the pants are of very high quality. The Raw length means the leg length is really long - approximately 38" (inner leg measurement) for the size 48 (Euro) or 32" waist. The hems are properly sewn, but most people will need the hems taken up since they are so long. I had about 6" taken up- and the fit is excellent. True 32" waist- and they are a regular waist- not low or high waisted. They are slightly flat-fronted- when putting hands through the openings of the waist pockets, there is a touch of tightness at the opening. But hands can sit comfortably in these deep pockets. The cargo pockets are really well placed and can bellow out due to the pleats- so you can hold bulky items like gloves or beanies if you wish. The inner mesh phone pocket inside the right leg cargo pocket is perfect for carrying a phone and keeping it from slapping around inside the cargo pocket. Very nice touch. Can hardly feel the phone in the pocket when walking. (iPhone 6S with case). The double opening slim pocket on the left leg is perfect for carrying a sheathed knife. Knife sits comfortably when walking or seated, yet is still easily accessible. Another well thought out feature. The G1000 fabric was a bit thinner than I expected- which is a good thing as the pants don't feel bulky. Given there is so much double layering - over the knees, seat and multiple pockets, a thicker material would be a nuisance. Bending over, crouching , on your knees is all very comfortable and I didn't notice any unwanted tightness or pinching. The water resistance is at best moderate- or splash proof. Water will bead initially, but if allowed to sit, the material will gradually absorb the water and soak through. Water is easily shaken off when it is beading up. It does dry off quickly though when soaked through due to the high polyester content. The material makes a bit of noise when walking as there is a sheen to the material. I would say the noise level is fairly significant- but I wasn't actually bothered by it. I don't know how practical it would be to wax the trousers after every wash. Maybe for major trips..... For rainy conditions, I'll still be using over-pants. I'd consider G1000 a good soft shell, but requires a hard shell for moderate or heavy rain. These are very comfortable for active wear- eg- walking, working in temperate conditions- they breath quite well. When quite cold though, they don't feel very warm compared to fleece lined trousers- (as you'd expect.) So for cold conditions, a base later would be required. While the Fjallraven Barents Pro cost more than other pants, the features and quality justify the price- I really like these and they will be my go-to trousers for the outdoors. Blackleaf are selling them for a good price and the service and communication were top notch.

3 November 2016

I am very impressed by Blackleaf service and delivery, as items are often delivered quicker than if purchased domestically. The Fjallraven Barents pants are excellent. As a Norwegian, Fjallraven has been a staple brand for decades (even though it's Swedish:) in a rather demanding environment and the quality well known as excellent and long lasting.