Rumpl is a brand that started from a simple requirement of an outdoor sleeping blanket that had the function and performance of insulated jackets and sleeping bags yet durable and lightweight. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first Rumpl Sleeping Blanket was created that subsequently spawned a collection of Rumpl Camping Blankets that merged premium quality materials and fabrics like Ripstop Nylon with DWR for high performance with a lot more varied range of styles and patterns than standard blankets. In addition to utilising the best materials around for comfort, hard-wear and warmth, Rumpl Blankets constantly use innovation to enhance and improve their future products to meet the needs of anyone who just wants a decent everyday blanket. The Rumpl Blankets available here at Blackleaf are perfect for any outdoors lifestyle and includes a number of their designs like the Rumpl Twin and Rumpl Throw Blankets for greater warmth and comfort wherever you are.