Taking its name from the town of the same name in Oregon in the USA, the Pendleton name has over 150 years of history behind it, beginning back in 1863 manufacturing premium lightweight 100% pure virgin wool that led to the production of their iconic Native American inspired blankets. Since 1912 Pendleton branched into the design and production of outdoors lifestyle clothing for men and women utilising the same level of quality and innovation as the Pendleton Blankets. Initially Pendleton Clothing was favoured as workwear due to the warmth and protection Pendleton Wool afforded while being worn outdoors but later expanded into a varied collection and styles of apparel that included sportswear and urban lifestyle fashion items, some non-wool. In more recent years Pendleton Woollen Mills has continued with an array of products that not only includes Pendleton clothes, but footwear and accessories such as headwear, bags and much more. Find Pendleton at Blackleaf.