Dr Martens Boots

Unquestionably a footwear icon, the Dr. Martens brand has a rich heritage that harks back to the turn of the last century with the Griggs family becoming known as a reputable work boot manufacturers. Following decades of success as an affordable and durable option for the working classes, the third generation of Griggs bought an exclusive license to use the innovative air-cushioned sole design of recovering soldier Dr. Klaus Maertens. He had managed to create a successful shoe brand with his creations, but both companies now combined to create the ‘Airwair’ collection of the original 1460 Dr Martens boot, now a reviled classic. Throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s, DM’s started their journey as a champion and symbol of social change for the working classes in Britain, particularly with the new varied music genres. From rock and punk, through to Grunge, Brit-pop and to the Nu-metal and Emo sub-cultures of the early 2000s, Dr. Martens boots have been adopted as the footwear style for each music movement. Make your statement with the premium Dr Martens, made with unmistakable quality right here at Blackleaf.

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    Dr Martens

    Dr Martens Thurston Lo Shoes - Black Lusso

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