Amelia Le Brun


Hi I'm Amelia! I'm south west UK based but hopefully not for too much longer! I've always been creative and have been blessed to travel my entire life, moving house and country every 4 years. I'm passionate about 3 things; adventuring, my Pooch and my family. I'm a slight introvert and happiest with my camera round my neck and my bags packed! Let's go somewhere.

Marc Pickering


My name is Marc Pickering, I'm 30 years old and a forest worker by day! When I'm not felling trees or climbing them to osprey or eagle nests, I spend any free time I have enjoying the outdoors and try to capture the ever changing light and seasons of Scotland, whether that's from the top of a mountain or sat on one of the many idyllic and deserted beaches of the west coast of Scotland.

Daniel Casson

Sheffield, UK

My name is Daniel Casson and I am a self taught photographer from Sheffield, UK. I started my journey in photography around 3 years ago, where I began with just my iPhone and now I have a following of over 275,000 followers, across my social channels. I was fortunate enough to become a Commended UK Landscape Photographer by Takeaview last year. I have also worked with a number of brands, such as Landrover USA, Green and Blacks, Barbour, Daniel Wellington to name just a few and have also been featured in The Times and The Telegraph.

Liza Garmata


I discovered my passion for photography only two years ago, when I moved from New York to Snohomish, Washington. It was a struggle for me at first being a city girl and moving to a tiny town surrounded by woods. I started to go explore what was around me and taking pictures on my iPhone, and soon realised that I would never trade nature for a big city.

It is a truly incredible feeling standing on the top of the mountain and soaking all the views in. I always feel so small compared to the gorgeous mountain landscapes. My passion for adventure photography grew and soon I was going on road trips to Oregon, California, and Alaska. I guess I can say that I always had a wanderlust soul, and it's the best feeling when you get to do what you are passionate about.

My favourite place I've been so far is probably Banff and Jasper National parks in Alberta, Canada. I have recently moved to Arizona and I have a lot of adventures planned in 2016 that I'm very excited to share with this great community.

Stuart Laing

Glasgow, Scotland

Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland; green hills, still lochs and untouched landscapes were a common playground from an early age. There is something about climbing to a summit or camping under the stars that taps into that inner explorer that we all have. I now live and work full time in Glasgow as a structural engineer, so the urge to get back to nature where and when I can is stronger than ever.

My love for photography started while on a university exchange to Finland, where I couldn't help but try and capture the outstanding beauty winter brings there. Lapland is the last real wilderness in Europe and feels like nowhere I have ever been before. Landscape-dominant locations like Finland that have such a close link to nature are where I love to visit and where I feel most at home. Canada, Switzerland and Iceland are three places that will hopefully be the setting for my next adventures.

Daniel Rodel


Hi my name is Daniel. I am 20 and come from a small village in northern Bavaria. I live in an area where everything looks nearly the same. I don't have rugged mountains and rocks, steep slopes, evergreen trees and endless beaches. So I find beauty in simplicity. But the thing I love the most is having a good time with my friends. I try to get out as often I can, explore wonderful places and have good talks with great people. I want to be inspired, enthusiastic, happy. And I hope that I can inspire you.

Johnny Balfour Foy


Hi, my name is Johnny Foy. I'm a 29 year old mechanic from Coatbridge, a small town just outside Glasgow. On my days off I love jumping into the car and heading north into the mountains. It gives me a great sense of insignificance and freedom standing on the top of a mountain with no one for miles and miles. I love camping in remote places and exploring places people haven't set foot for many many years.

Inga Steindal


I am an explorer by heart, both when it comes to my travels and my work. As a Masters student (and hopefully soon PhD student) of circadian molecular biology, I study what impact the biological clock has on health and disease. Working in science allows me to not only explore the deep secrets of life, but to meet inspiring people and visit new places. I grew up in a family that took me hiking and skiing from when I was a baby, so I have always been a very keen outdoors person. The best place I have ever been is a stretch of road from Nesna towards Mæla in Norway. It has the most surreal mountains and nature and I cannot believe it is not the most visited place on earth. I have so many things on bucket list, but one of the things I would like to do when I have saved money for some time is to travel up the Yangtze River. I also dream about Greenland and mushing.

Harry Bowden


It wasn't until after a few years at university in Sheffield that I discovered the true power and beauty of the great outdoors. My passion for adventure has grown with my love for photography. The Peak District offers a great opportunity to escape the mundane life of postgraduate study. As clichéd as it may sound, you can't beat the fresh air and the sense of adventure. This has spurred me on to travel more and I hope to be able to share my stories with you in the near future.

Dan Cook


I’ve had a connection with the outdoors and mountains from a young age, being taken on adventures climbing England’s highest peaks such as Scafell and Blencathra at the age of 7 and spending nights camping in the wild & wet conditions. In recent years that connection with the outdoors has grown stronger as I’ve aimed to share my experiences and admiration for the landscapes of the UK through photography. I still spend most of my free time planning trips or exploring the Peak District and Lake District national parks and I hope to inspire others to get outdoors and create their own experiences via my images, I still haven’t found any other feeling quite like that of completing a long adventure in the mountains, it’s the kind of tiredness that makes you feel revitalised whatever the weather.



When I was at school, I was a gamer and would spend countless hours sat inside playing on consoles. It wasn’t a great idea, and so when I left school and got a job, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy what nature had to offer. Now the only time I spend online is looking at awesome kit to buy for my next adventure. I spend a lot of time outside in my home county of Lincolnshire, but so far, nothing I have seen beats the views in the Lake District; Great Langdale's where its at, setting up camp, cracking open a beer and planning the adventure for the next day. Mount Everest is on my bucket list; there’s just something about the place that excites me. The danger of the climb, the summit selfie and then the bragging rights on top of that. You get a free lifetime membership to the great outdoors - You have to use it.



Established in 2010, Ooze Photography started out across the globe, with Ollie. I went to Australia to escape, in search of adventure, but with no plans. By chance I bought a camera in Sydney, the first one I’d ever owned. Within a week I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Within two months, I started Ooze Photography. I used my time in Australia to hone my photography skills, having the chance to shoot breath taking landscapes all day really helped. My love of photography and travel grew from there. After returning to the Lake District the company doubled in size with the addition of Jack Serginson, bringing additional skills and creativity to the table. Working as a team allows for an organic flow of ideas to form, and in turn a production of work that stands out and rises above the rest.



Hi, i'm Niklas. I'm a 29 year old photographer from Aachen, a city in the western part of Germany. Since my childhood, I have been in love with nature.

My territory for daily outside adventures is an understimated mountainside a few kilometres from my hometown called Eifel. There you will find lots of spruce trees, rolling hilltops and bad weather. Most people don't like bad weather, I do, it is the time when you have the landscape to yourself, especially in a crowded area like Western Germany.

Every free minute I get, mainly in the early morning hours, you can find me in the endless woods of the Eifel roaming around with my camera. But it's not always the possibility for a great photo which drags me outside, it's the whole experience. I hope to inspire you with my photos to get out and explore the nature just around the corner of your house door.



Hey, I’m Asad, and I am an Architecture student based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Having traveled extensively across Europe, I always feel most at ease exploring and photographing the vast landscapes that the Highlands of Scotland have to offer, and they have allowed me to really appreciate the outdoors.



My name is Will van Wingerden and I am a landscape and lifestyle photographer from the South of England. Photography is my fuel for adventure, for me capturing landscapes and people interacting in different environments does it. I’m able to show my own perception of how a cool place should be seen or used. I always aim to produce work that can make people smile or to inspire my audience to get outdoors and explore. I love the saying, do what others wont do and you'll be greatly rewarded. For me this means walking the extra mile to get a shot, driving the extra hour to reach a location even if its pouring rain or taking the same shot over and over until its perfect. Where will you explore today?



Lizzie is a woman on a mission to encourage people to get outside, reconnect with nature and be more conscious about the way their lifestyle affects the planet.

She’s an adventurer, and her love of the outdoors and nature has always been an integral part of her. She grew up in the foothills of Mount Teide, Tenerife and her unconventional childhood was centred around being outdoors - those precious moments spent connecting with nature are what sparked her wanderlust soul. Eventually she moved back to the UK but her love for adventure only continued and grew stronger. After studying English literature at University she pursued her passion and represented some of the world’s leading explorers as they set out on global expeditions.

In 2012, Lizzie spent months eco-adventuring in remote locations all over the planet. She hiked through the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of south western China before going on to travel to Mongolia in search for the rare Snow Leopard. She also spent some time in Sub Saharan Africa where she was able to observe wild animals in their natural habitats – this is where her fascination with rhinos first started.

Back to the present day, Lizzie works closely with conservation charity Ibex Earth and Helping Rhinos. She is extremely passionate about these causes and supports outreach programmes designed to educate young people on the poaching crisis, using adventure to call them to action and draw attention to wider environmental challenges so that the future of this world can be secured for generations to come.

Lizzie spends a lot of time exploring the UK and campaigning to inspire more people to get out and explore the beauty on their doorstep that they so often overlook. She is an ambassador for Craghoppers and was selected as a 2016 champion for Ordnance Survey to help support their ‘Get Outside’ campaign and encourage people to explore the world around them.



When I'm not out exploring new places I reside in the foothills of Colorado where most of my time is spent taking photos, hiking with my dogs, and practicing my graphic design and sandblasting art. I simultaneously fell in love with photography when I started exploring and falling in love with the outdoors. My camera is a vessel that allows me to see with new perspectives and reminds me to slow down and pay attention to detail - big or small.

The most awe-inspiring place I've ever been is Iceland, the land of fire and ice. The dramatic volcanic landscape consists of geothermal hot springs, black sand beaches, intense waterfalls, and a beautiful countryside that is home to some of the friendliest people in the world. I explored glacier lagoons, ice caves, and got a chance to shoot the Northern Lights (which was number 1 on my bucket list!) Now my next adventure (and #2 on my bucketlist) is exploring Southeast Asia. In January I will be heading to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. I am excited to be completely submersed into a culture that is much different than mine, I want my eyes to be opened to the realities of international travel and the hardship that comes with living in a third world country. Photography has been my fuel for life and travel - and it has led me to some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Monika Geble

South Bavaria, Germany

Hi I'm Monika and a 21 year old graphic designer to be from South Bavaria, Germany. I live directly in front of the Mountains and just need to step outside to see them. To spend time outside is for me one of the best things because I love to be close to nature. Besides hikes and long walks through mystic dark woods and to beautiful lakes i also really enjoy to explore from the back of my horse. With my photos I try to share the moments and places to the people, so they can imagine how beautiful and exciting nature is. In the near future I hope to see so much more amazing places and make more out of my photography.

Davina Alexandra


Born and raised in between the wine yards in France, I am a creative soul with a passion for nature, travel and animals that started as a child.
Being half French and half Dutch, I lived in different places in both countries over the past years.

My passion for photography started a few years ago as photographing mostly cityscapes like Paris and Amsterdam. Photography and travelling is a way to escape and relax for me, I feel free when walking outside with my camera and dog.

Goals for the future will always be to travel more, explore more and inspire others with my photos!

Jonny Joyce

Derbyshire, UK

Born in the Lake District and now living in the Peak District I have always had breathtaking scenery on my doorstep. After the hustle and bustle of everyday life it's just nice to let yourself go, drive down an unknown road and seek new foreign places to explore. It is in these moments when I let my imagination run wild.
It was only recently that I took up photography in order to keep a visual diary of my adventures and best memories. If they can also inspire other peoples experiences, that's a bonus!

Johnathan Conlon

London, UK

Hi, I'm Johnathan. I'm a self-taught photographer and I live in South East London with my wife and our young daughter. I love the expanse of the great outdoors, so living in a big city can be a challenge at times, but in a way it fills me with more drive to make the time to get out there and explore more. Plus there are some decent forests and parks on our side of the river, which fill the void if I can't travel. I'm very passionate about photography, I love that I can just pick up my camera and go create something. In the future, I want to begin branching out into videography, and working with more brands to showcase their products.

Diego Carneiro


My name is Diego Carneiro, I'm 30 years old and live in the city of Novo Hamburgo in Rio Grande do Sul state | Brazil. I am an art director at an advertising agency and I like passion photography, practically every weekend I go out to explore and photograph the regions that are more removed from the city. The nature here is immense, so that I always find something new to shoot.

Niklas Kiesling

Heilbronn, Germany

I'm Niklas - a 20 year old landscape photographer from Germany. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship as a nurse to be able to study medicine afterwards. In my spare time I love to spend every single minute outdoors. There's something about being out in nature and taking photographs that relaxes me from a long day in the hospital. With my work I aspire to inspire people to get outside and see the world on their own. To me it's important to be outside because it grounds me, it reminds me of how big the world is and how small my problems actually are in comparison to everything else that is going on around me. No matter how bad we're feeling, how dark things may seem or how tough life gets - there's something beautiful out there. Even if you don't have the means or the time to go out there and see it for yourself - I think that it helps to know that at least it's there.

Daniel Tran


For me photography is taking an image, freezing a moment, to reveal the richness of life. I have always taken the quote of the late, great Henri Cartier-Bresson to heart when he said "photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event". It wasn't until a few years back when I had the chance to explore the state of Washington that really left me with the feeling of insignificance against the grandeur of Mother Nature and really have inspired me to travel + explore ever since.

Lydia Harper

Herefordshire, England

Hello! My name is Lydia, I’m a 26 year old photographer from Herefordshire, England. The main focus of my work is landscapes and travel, though I also shoot weddings and create content for brands. I am happiest when I am out on the road, in the mountains or watching the sunset over the ocean. I try to capture both the wide open landscapes and the little details in all of the places that I visit. I love that I get to visit such beautiful places and meet like minded people through my work.