(Words by Heloise McCulla)

There is no better feeling than being wrapped up warm and cozy whilst watching the fireworks glow in the sky.  

This fireworks night, on Friday the 5th we want to ensure you’re experiencing the best night you can! Our perfect recipe for a successful bonfire night (and any other night, we can’t get enough of this stuff) starts with hanging out with your favourite people with the fire roaring, the pizzas cooking in the Ooni oven and a beer (we like IPAs but any work) in hand. When nighttime falls, you can head to the park and admire the fireworks (unless you’re watching the fireworks from the comfort of your garden, then we suggest adding the Kelty Loveseat chair to the mix). Sounds like the ideal bonfire night to us! 

You may have noticed that the Indian summer is officially over, with temperatures dropping and winter hours creeping in meaning the night is here a lot earlier. Luckily for you, we’ve put together our top must haves so you can focus on the good stuff and not the bad – nobody deserves cold feet. 

Layering up! 

The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder, so we need to be layering up when heading outside. To get the most out of Bonfire night this year we recommend starting from the base and working your way up!  


Staying warm is essential and having a good, warm, and comfortable layer is the way to start. We offer a selection of different fleeces from soft teddy fleeces, vibrant colour block fleeces to lightweight, breathable ones. We’ve selected some of our favourite brands for keeping you warm when heading outside. 

One brand that is famous for their warm, comfortable fleeces is Patagonia with all their fleeces sustainably crafted – made from 100% recycled polyester. They create products with function and durability that are made to withstand generations of use, whilst limiting their ecological impact! Patagonia offer a variety of different designs, from bright coloured and patterned pullover fleeces to zip ups with a more plain yet fashionable style. They’re guaranteed to give you maximum warmth and comfort, the perfect base for any element. 

Winter fleece from Patagonia

Soft teddy fleeces that have been designed for all day comfort? The brand Columbia has just that! All their fleeces are made from a warm and Sherpa polyester fabric, providing the perfect versatile layer for the changing seasons. One style of theirs is a full-length zipper fleece that allows freedom of movement and with high neck design and zippered pockets it’s practical and cozy. Their half-zip pullover style is just as warm and comfortable, also featuring the high neck feature for maximum coziness.  

Columbia fleece


Having a good, protective jacket is the final must-have layer and, in every jacket, you are looking for comfort, warmth, and protection from the elements. With our wide variety of options, you’re sure to find something fit for every occasion, from warm down jackets to lightweight waterproof ones. Sometimes it can be hard to decide from such a wide range of brands, so we’ve chosen two of our customer favourites.  

The first brand is The North Face who are one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of premium outdoor lifestyle clothing. Their Diablo down jacket range is one of their more popular styles, known for its comfort and fashionable design. It’s made from water-resistant nylon fabric and quick drying properties, allowing on you to focus on your outdoor experience whilst your jacket focuses on protecting you. Every style of down jacket features high insulation so you will always remain warm and comfortable.  

The North Face insulated down jacket

One more top pick is from Rains who are most famous for their premium waterproof range. They focus on ensuring complimentary fits and designs that provide respite from the elements, so you can brave the wetter conditions in comfort. Their waterproof raincoats feature a hood with a practical cap attached for added protection, to help stop the elements from getting to your face without obstructing your view – perfect for watching the fireworks.  

Waterproof jacket from Rains

Protective shoes 

When heading outside you need to make sure your feet are comfortable, protected, and ready to face any element! We’ve selected a few of our favourite brands that will have you covered against the rain and any muddy puddles you’ll face.  

One of our top picks is Muck Boots who focus on creating premium footwear for any outdoors lifestyle, unrivalled in comfort, function and overall performance that lasts. Muck boots ensure that no matter what the weather conditions are, you will have quality and reliability wrapped around your feet. They offer a wide variety of wellies, including their Artic Sport range which is 100% waterproof with a breathable, cozy fleece lining.  

Muck Boots wellies

Another fan favourite of ours comes from the Swiss brand, ON. They offer a variety of different styles of shoes with our top pick for this season being their Cloudrock waterproof range. The element proof boot provides protection in all conditions, with a durable membrane that is both wind and waterproof. It provides two types of mesh in the footing that enhance stability and breathability, the perfect boot for whatever weather we’re facing this bonfire night. 

ON Coudrock winter footwear

Last recommendations 

Now that you’re all set with the most (stylish) comfortable and protective outdoor gear you can grab your pizza ovensfirepits and light your sparklers! It’s time to head into the garden and observe the fireworks in the sky. We’ve selected our top picks from our outdoor cooking range that will help ensure you have the perfect bonfire night. 

The BIOLITE fire and cook system is perfect for roasting marshmallows and keeping you warm all in one! This easy-to-use fire pit is made with patented airflow technology to create hyper-efficient flames, giving you a wood-burning campfire without the smoke. It can also be adjusted annually or through a free Bluetooth app so that you can easily control the flames. 

Biolite Fire pit

You can’t spend an evening outside without some quality food and the Ooni pizza oven provides just that, in mere seconds! Their Ooni Fyra pizza oven is designed for optimum heat retention and minimal energy waste and is expertly built to cook 12-inch pizzas in any outdoor space. There won’t be a long wait for pizza as in just 15 minutes the cooking system reaches temperatures of up to 500°C – the perfect temperature for cooking authentic stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds.  

Ooni Pizza oven imagery


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