The Natural Layering System

As a new brand to Blackleaf this season, Icebreaker has certainly been one of our favourites. However, unfortunately it’s been a bit too warm for us to make great use of our base layers – but we’re still hopeful that the UK winter will pull through for us…

Typically, when we all go out for our monthly Blackleaf pub to peak hikes we all start off pretty chilly (especially last month) and end up being very sweaty. This month though, was different – prior to the trip we spoke to the gang over at Icebreaker and they suggested we try a more natural layering system. Initially, we were a little perplexed by what they meant, but after breaking down the technicalities or materials and how natural and synthetic fibres differ we definitely had a better grasp of a natural layering system.

The main differences between a synthetic and natural layering system is that the synthetic layering isn’t breathable, resulting in them feeling wet, sweaty, clammy and they begin to smell after very little use. Ultimately, Icebreaker told us that generally you start to feel very uncomfortable…

Natural layering with materials such as merino wool however, will not only lead to better thermo-regulation (the ability to gain and release heat, i.e sweat), but also result in you becoming less smelly as any odours are absorbed by the wool and suppresses the smells, so it won’t only be you or the environment that’ll be benefitting from wearing more natural materials – it’s also those around you not having to smell you when having a nice crisp pint post hike.

Essentially, what we found out after speaking to Icebreaker was we can go out on our monthly pub to peak hikes and not feel gross in the pub when we’re done. We’ve even decided to write this down for you guys with both ours and their recommendations of what you may want to grab bin order to stay smell-less…

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