Switch Seasons with Merrell

Forever renowned and recognised as one of the worlds most successful and trusted outdoor brands, you probably wouldn’t think of them first if you were looking for something fashionable to wear for the coming autumn and winter seasons. Let’s be honest, not many outdoor brands are known for their fashion-forward thinking and their roots firmly sit in functionality and practicality rather than taking inspiration from what’s ‘so hot right now’ Well, why should they? They don’t have to when they’re good and they work. But Merrell isn’t like most other outdoor brands you’ll find; they know what performs but they’re also conscious of what people want and as such, their designs are always desirable in looks as well as technical qualities.

This seasons Merrell collection doesn’t disappoint, and with their excellent choice of stylishly wearable earthy tones throughout combined with superb build quality and durability; Merrell have got it just right for everyone interested in walking footwear, clothing and jackets.

Staring with footwear; the product that most people turn to Merrell for, the brand once again manages to offer the perfect blend of useable footwear for the trails and mountains, and casual styles that can then take you to everyday use without the need to change. Vibram outsoles provide the stability needed for more athletic and challenging activities while their style ensures that they’re versatile. Merrell Mens Shoes and Womens Shoes pack a huge amount of tech and features into them to give the wearer the best experience; features such as the Merrell Air Cushion, EVA Sole Technology, Gore-TEX and breathable mesh lining and outer fabrics to name a few all enhance their abilities and reasons to sink your feet into a pair.

Merrrell Womens Boots are always a winner and when you look at them it’s easy to see why. Designed to be worn with everyday gear like jeans and dresses with tights, these boots are the perfect companion for women’s feet in the winter as they offer comfort, warmth and all of the confidence that ladies want when walking over wet, snowy or icy ground. Taking inspiration for high street favourites and uber fashionable sheepskin styles, Merrell Boots such as the Merrell Decora and Natayla are best sellers and with good reason.

Although lesser known for everyday fashion, Merrell definitely give ladies a touch of class with their functional outerwear, and their duffle jackets are the perfect example of how high street can meet the highest peaks and result in something brilliant. The Merrell Womens Jackets in particular are a great choice for autumn into winter; from long and luxurious warm duffles, to parkas and down jackets there’s something for every woman and her favourite style. First class comfort and premium insulation are at the top of the agenda for Merrell with durability, wearable fabrics and reliable construction too.

Merrell have always been known for their brilliance in manufacturing and putting their own unique and stylish twist on everything they create. This the way they’ll probably always do it too. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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