Snow Peak x Blackleaf Camping Trip | Reconnecting With Nature In The Surrey Countryside

Snow Peak campsite

Words by Jazz Noble

We went camping with Snow Peak to test products, view upcoming collections, eat campfire-cooked grub and reconnect with the natural world… 

Snow Peak are a brand that pride themselves on bringing people closer to nature. For them, a tent is not just a tent, but rather, it’s a way to appreciate the great outdoors.   

As ‘outdoor lifestyle creators’, this ethos extends beyond just their products and into the company itself. We were lucky enough to experience this on one of their customer camping events this July.  

Snow Peak camp site

These camping events are written into the Snow Peak mission and aim to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts across the world. From getting a sneak peek at the SS22 collection to witnessing a barn owl in flight across our campsite; working and collaborating with Snow Peak is no ordinary job. In fact, it almost reminds us of why we do the job in the first place. 

Set against the stunning and oh-so-English backdrop of Peper Harow just south west of London – here’s what we got up to on our trip.  

Day One: Setting Up Camp 

Travelling from Manchester and London, Paul (Brand Manager at Blackleaf), Jimi (Buyer) and I made our way to Surrey for some welcome respite from city life. Tucked away in the little village of Peper Harow, and quaintly disguised amongst flower-laden cottages, is the new Snow Peak HQ. Even from just walking up to the showroom you get a real sense of the tranquility and authenticity Snow Peak imbibes.  

Emily (Wholesale Manager at Snow Peak) showed us around the beautiful new showroom (displaying the much-anticipated SS22 collection), and we then swiftly made our way to the camping spot. Getting outside, after all, is what it’s really about. 

In less than five minutes down the road, we arrived at a picturesque field covered in wildflowers, butterflies and the occasional adder (shy ones, luckily). Sometimes the prospect of setting up camp is the last thing you want to do. In this setting, however, we can’t complain. 

Setting up Snow Peak tent
Snow Peak campfire and camping accessories
Snow Peak tent

Whilst constructing the tents (Pack Tt, Elfield and Amenity Dome) and camping equipment, Emily talked us through the long list of design features behind each product. She also explained the wider purpose of these features, and how feeling the grass beneath your feet is a key part of the Snow Peak tent design.  

And she’s not wrong. There’s none of that scratchy floor material in panic-bought festival favourites. This stuff, it would seem, is the real deal. Beyond the tents themselves, Snow Peak seem to have products that cater for every aspect of camping. From sound-reactant lanterns and portable fire pits to bespoke peg hammers and top-quality cooking ware; there’s hardly a stone left unturned here.  

As the evening went on, Jimi and Emily returned from their buyer’s meeting excited about the new SS22 collection, whilst Paul and I continued testing the products (and the beer). With the fire roaring and the skewers on the grill, it was now time to relax. 

Cooking dinner with Snow Peak campfire and grill
Snow Peak grill
Snow Peak grill & BBQ box

Evidently, this was a pretty easy task. As it turns out, cooking a proper campfire meal, sitting in genuinely comfy camping chairs, and enjoying nature’s stillness is just the recipe for banishing any stress following a long week of work.

As does a cozy sleeping set-up. Illuminated by the light of Hozuki lanterns, and excited at the prospect of our warm sleeping bags, we each picked a tent and eventually gave in to sleep.  

Snow Peak tent at night
Snow Peak light
Snow Peak Hozuki lanterns
Snow Peak camp at night

Day Two: A Snow Peak Breakfast 

Nothing beats waking up in amongst the trees. Nothing except also having a cooked campfire breakfast, that is.  

To conclude our trip, we made eggs on the fire – still warm from the night before – with bacon and mushrooms on the grill unit, and coffee on the built-in stove. All at once; no faff; no fuss. Snow Peak even make a camping coffee bean grinder should the travelling barista awake within you. 

Cooking eggs with Snow Peak accessory
Breakfat with Snow Peak

After a sedate and relaxed morning, we steadily headed towards the Snow Peak HQ to say our goodbyes, stopping at the crest of the hill to admire the campsite view on the way back. 

Though not all camping trips are admittedly this organised (everyone’s forgotten their tent pegs at some point) or this elegant, it’s safe to say we all left feeling both full and refreshed, and with a renewed sense of what camping could be when you’ve got just a little bit of luxury to enjoy. 

Snow Peak campsite

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