Reef Sandals for Summer

Over the years we’ve seen the start of some great brands as well as the continued growth of old favourites, and one that just gets better with every season is Reef. From the simple yet brilliantly reliable flip flops through to the beaded and embellished women’s styles, Reef Sandals are a must have for your seasonal summer wardrobe.

The great thing about Reef Footwear is the way it pairs with so many great outfits to give them a lift. A colourful pair of flip flops can turn a shorts and tee outfit into something a bit more vibrant, and gorgeous feminine strappy sandals can put a splash of surf style into any dress or skirt. Quality meets style in a big way with Reef and this is why the brand is such a big seller.

Reef started life back in the 80’s when bad haircuts and music were making a mark, but in the background two Argentinian brothers relocated to California where they established what would soon become a household name. Reef set out to create footwear that was not only good quality and durable but nice to look at and wear too. The result is a collection of functional and comfortable sandals that soon became hugely sought after in the surf community. Today, Reef is as big as ever with new designs coming out every season for men and women, and even children. While some designs have changed and been updated, old favourites remain the same. The brand has also kept to its original intentions with responsible production and eco friendly ethics; it’s this kind of clean living and respect for the surf and beach community that has kept Reef as a brand so highly thought of. Not many brands can say that they still live and breathe the lifestyle and community that it creates its products for, but Reef is one that can.

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