Oakley Prizm Technology

Always on a quest for providing precision optical clarity and protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays for every single aspect of the outdoors lifestyle, 2015 sees the launch of the Oakley Prizm Lens Technology.  This new innovation development is primarily for sports and certain environments to fine-tune vision and sees distinct types of Prizm Lenses for Running, Cycling, Golfing, Angling so whichever is your preferred choice the option of premium vision is now achievable.

Like all Oakley lenses the Prizm is made using their famous Plutonite material to ensure UV rays in the A, B and C range are filtered out and up to 400 nm in the Blue spectrum ensuring better protection for your eyes.  These eyewear also feature HDPolarized which filters up to 99% of reflected glare and unlike standard Polarised lenses prevents any visual distortions.

Oakley Prizm & Daily Lenses

The Oakley Prizm Lenses and the Prizm Daily Lens are the ‘standard’ version of this technology and similar to the Baseball sporting specific models offers greater clarity of vision by better controlling light, glare and increasing contrast for a more relaxing field of vision.

Oakley Prizm Road Lenses

This version of the Prizm lens work to make every aspect of detail on the road ahead much more vivid in detail so that any hazards such as debris like stones and rocks along with potholes are picked up by your eyes helping you to ride more safely and confidently.

Oakley Prizm Trail Lenses

Similar to the Road versions the Oakley Prizm Trail Lenses afford greater detail on the trail ahead by making sand, hard packed mud and dirt along with rocks and other obstacles more visible than a standard lens so you can react quickly which is ideal especially when moving at speed.

Oakley Prizm Water Lenses

The Shallow water lens highlights green and copper hues in the water so finding hiding spots of fish is much easier plus the polarisation means that glare is cut and whites are vivid and bright making it even more likely for the wearer to notice the flash from fish movement, flies on the water surface and even fishes shadows.  The Oakley Prizm Deep Water lenses are fairly similar to their shallow water counterparts in that they cut down glare completely and ensure whites are extremely bright but in contrast they are much darker lenses as being under the shadows from canopies is extremely unlikely.  These dark lenses filter out blue hues and shades so as to bring out reds and greens more effectively making it simple to see clearly under the surface.

Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses

Designed specifically with golfing in mind, this version of the Oakley Prism lens has enhanced contrast to enable you to see the entire course in vivid clarity and highlight white colours to more easily follow the ball.

The latest Oakley Prizm Technology has been made available on a number of popular quality models like the Flak Jacket and Turbine but also on the new style of the Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses as well.  This new Oakley eye wear offers a wider field of view, the fast lens changing Switchlock technology  and adjustable length for helmet compatibility.  All of the latest sunglasses including those with Oakley Prizm Technology are available at Blackleaf.

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