Napapijri Geographic

Having a name like Napapijri requires a background adventure, and that’s exactly how the brand’s journey began. At the base of Mont Blanc, an italian manufacturer combined innovative materials with authentic style to create the Napapijri range. Despite the Italian beginnings, the heart and soul of Napapijri is entirely Nordic, with apparel and accessories proudly boasting the Norwegian flag, and the brand name basing itself off the Finnish word for the Arctic Circle. The logo itself is crafted in a yin-yang style to convey the North and South poles, meaning the brand takes the best parts of Scandinavian countries to create premium quality clothing.

With a lifeblood boasting from intrepid explorers and the harshest conditions, it’s only right that Napapijri create their products from the highest quality technical fabrics to endure any journey. With waterproof and breathable fabrics, and high quality materials, Blackleaf proudly boast a range of iconic jackets, t-shirts and beanies, with the classic Rainforest design being the flagship product.


Aside from breathable fabrics, Napapijri also use a variety of environmentally friendly products like technical innovations such as EVOdown and THERMO-FIBRE insulations keeps you snug and warm superior to down product. With faux fur and vegan leather fabrics, Napapijri have a strong aim of looking after our adventure playground and the animals that inhabit our land.

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