Mi Pac Classic style for a summer of cool

The nature of a rucksack means that you never really see it aside from the few seconds you take to find it, grab it and then sling over your shoulders. So with that in mind, why bother spending loads on a trendy pack that’s going to be seen by everyone that’s behind you, and not you? Well, you don’t have to but everyone likes having nice stuff and why should you settle for something that’s a bit ugly just because you’ve not got your eyes on it all day, everyday? You don’t have to and you definitely don’t have to pay over the odds for it because with the awesome Mi Pac at Blackleaf.com you get quality, cool and cheap in one awesome package.

True, you could say that any old rucksack covered with a funky pattern is fit to do the job, but you’d be really, really wrong. Most snazzy packs are just that and only that, and often lack the qualities and features that you need for something that you’re hoping to use everyday. When you want good looking and practical go with Mi Pac and their classic backpack. On the inside, this rucksack is packed with features that make everyday travelling, commuting and shifting gear from one place to the other a whole lot easier; features such as a padded laptop sleeve and a weather resistant port for headphone cord mean that what’s inside is well protected from bumps and the elements. This pack also features a zippered front pocket and a main internal compartment which holds a hefty 17 litres so you’re not short of space in any way. Comfort is taken care of too so if you do fill those 17 litres, you wont feel the burn on your shoulders thanks to the padded and adjustable straps.

Durability is a big thing with rucksack because when it spends a lot of its life being crammed into lockers, slung on the floor of a train or bus, or kicked along the floor in a queue; it needs to be able to handle whatever kind of ground you’re going to throw at it. The Mi Pac Classic Rucksack has a faux suede base and strong woven polyester body so you don’t need to worry about it falling apart after a few uses, but that’s not all that’s amazing about its exterior; each one is adorned with some of the coolest prints and brightest colours you’ll see around but if you prefer a bit of subtlety then there’s that option too with block colours in earthy tones.

With all of that in one rucksack you’d be daft not to own one, and starting at less than £20 it’s a no brainer. Get the Mi Pac Classic Rucksack today at Blackleaf.com and enjoy style and practicality from one of the coolest brands around.

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