Layer up for weather ready action

Layer up for weather ready action

Jack Wolfskin is the premium name in functional clothing for the outdoors lifestyle, so it makes sense to head their way when looking for transitional gear that’s equipped with all of the features you need to move from the cooler climate into a warm spring day. This month we’re all about layering systems that do the job perfectly and you can guess who we turned to.


Taking the three layers you need to tick all of the seasonal boxes, Jack Wolfskin offers a specific item for each one, packed with the properties to take you from one day to the next. Moisture management is the first layer and you’ll find this in all of the Jack Wolfskin functional underwear and base layers. Worn directly on the skin, they work by wicking away moisture from it fast and efficiently to make sure that you cool down quickly and comfortably. Also ideal for spring mornings as a first layer where you need a bit of warmth while the sun comes up, but also effective as a quality standalone piece with style when the heat kicks in.

Insulation should always be your second layer and in many cases, your outer layer depending on the weather and the activity you’re taking part in. Fleeces, down or synthetic jackets from Jack Wolfskin come with all kinds of features including heat retention, further moisture wicking and great styling too. Sometimes an insulating layer is all you need for a day out on the hills, but packing an extra layer is always advisable and definitely a sensible option.

Weather protection comes next, and as a third layer it offers the peace of mind you need for an unpredictable spring day. Softshells are a great choice and thanks to the innovation from Jack Wolfskin, theirs are breathable, water repellent and wind resistant. The brand’s fantastic TEXAPORE weather protective technology offers the protection you need when the weather turns and nobody should be without it.

The leading brand for quality gear that doesn’t allow style to take a back seat, Jack Wolfskin is our winner for spring and all of the outdoor opportunities you can grab. Get your hands on Jack Wolfskin gear at Blackleaf today.

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