How to wax Fjallraven Garments

How to wax Fjallraven Garments

Maintaining outdoor lifestyle clothing correctly is crucial in not only their overall performance but the protection they give and durability as well. To enable everyone to get the most from the innovative G-1000 fabric used throughout their collections they have put together a simple guide for How to wax Fjallraven Garments.

The story behind Fjallraven Greenland Wax came from the brand’s founder Ake Nordin who after using wax on his skis and the back of his pants to create a water repellent barrier, decided to try applying wax to other clothing to achieve a similar result. The Fjallraven Greenland Wax is made from premium quality beeswax and paraffin so is better for the environment than chemical alternatives and is relatively simple to use.

To impregnate any Fjallraven clothing that uses their G-1000 fabric with Greenland Wax you need to find the bar size of your choice (larger for use at home, smaller size for travelling), lay the garment into a flat surface and simply rub the wax onto the areas that need it. You can immediately see the wax on the fabric as it appears lighter in colour so is easy to tell where you have applied it.

Once you have coated the Fjallraven G-1000 fabric on your jacket, pants or both heat up the wax with an iron so that it can melt into the fabric and impregnate it. Once finished this will result in a water resistant and more hard-wearing surface. If greater durability and repellency is required you just need to repeat the process for a thicker layer. Should you need to add another layer of wax while outdoors you can apply the wax as normal but melt it carefully over an open fire or stove until it melts.


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