Highlights of Scotland

Here at Blackleaf, we love to make the most of the scenery both far and away. If you haven’t caught up with our top pick of Iceland spots, you can do so here, but if you’re in the Scotland and want a spot closer to home, or are visiting the stunning country, there’s plenty more for you to see.

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Eilean Siar

The Stones of Callanish are a 5,000 year old circle with avenues of gneiss’ heading off the centre. With two further stone circles nearby, this makes for a great walking route to genuinely rival Stonehenge. Unlike Stonehenge, these fall in with the lunar calendar and make for interesting questions, but the real wonderment comes from the surrounding remote and wild landscape that fits perfectly with other views of islets in the sea. The only reason these huge stones aren’t packed with people is due to the remote location of the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, but once there these are easy to access and free.


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Loch Assynt

Loch Assynt is a freshwater loch up in the highlands of Sutherland. With stunning surrounding mountains and mirroring clear waters, Ardvreck Castle is a gem in the wild. There may not be much left of it now, but you can still see the foundations that prove it was once a large and imposing castle. When the Loch Assynt water level rises, the castle’s peninsula is cut off from the main land, leaving different impressions at every time of day. The quiet and secluded spot makes for great walking, and heightens anyone’s imagination.


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The Storr

This is a more popular spot for Scottish walking routes, but rightly so. The walk on the Isle of Skye includes perfect picture spots with natural hills, alongside views of the small islands and the mountains beyond. The main attraction here is of course the Old Man of Storr, a large pinnacle of rock that can be seen for miles.


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Fairy Pools

Another natural spot in the Isle of Skye is the Fairy Pools. These are natural waterfall phenomenons with magical blue and green water below small waterfalls. With several pools, this is a popular spot so it’s good to get here early or out of season, to make it an incredibly relaxing walk along the tributaries of the river Brittle. This place is home to lots of animals for nature lovers, and you can even take a swim if you’re feeling adventurous.


Buachaille Etive Mor Waterfall (lochmarcp)

Glen Coe is incredibly famous for stunning scenery and vast walking spots, and so it was only right that it featured in our guide. The Buachaille Etive Mor mountain is the most photographed mountain in Scotland, and the waterfalls nearby make the ultimate photo. These waterfalls make the perfect picture whether it’s in the warm sun or crisp winter, and blustery, wet days give this spot a dynamic edge.

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