From pilot to organic farmer | Picked Organic

From pilot to organic farmer | Picked Organic

Blackleaf and Muck Boot at Picked Organic

From creating sustainable gear to creating sustainable food, the issue of sustainability is everywhere these days. And, quite frankly, that’s a good thing. We all want to live in a more sustainable world, one that many years from now will still be able to function on all of the most essential levels.

Speaking of sustainability, here’s a video we’ve made, in partnership with our friends at Muck Boots, all about Picked Organic in Northern Ireland. Picked Organic is a market garden near Belfast that grows real food using organic methods. Rather than chucking a bunch of chemicals down, bringing a whole bunch of plastic into the process or digging up large patches of earth, Picked Organic are all about growing food in a way that’s environmentally sound. 

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David, a pilot grounded by lockdown, seized the opportunity of having more free time to explore and develop a long-time passion for growing things and spending more time outdoors. His inspiring story shows that there’s another way of doing things; another way to put grub on our table. Listen to him speak and you can’t fail to be inspired by the thought of growing your own, going all-in on regenerative agriculture, and plucking organic vegetables straight from the ground. Bon appetit. 

David, organic farmer at Picked Organic

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