Follow the Converse #MyCanvasJourney

Follow the Converse #MyCanvasJourney


Over the next four weeks, from February 11th, Converse Accessories has chosen to inspire and innovate with their ‘My Canvas Journey’ project.  23 Instagrammers have been chosen from the Television, Fashion, Art, Music and Stage worlds to pick up a Converse Canyon Duffel Bag and take and upload photographs to Instagram and Tumblr throughout their day to day lives through work and play but from the perspective of their Converse Bag.  Each participant will customise their Converse Duffel Bags with artwork, signatures and scuffs and scrapes they pick up along the way, much like a pair of canvas Chuck Taylor Shoes.  At the end of each journey, the images will be displayed in an exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery in Shoreditch, East London between the 15th and 17th March 2013.

Copyright 2013
© 2013

You can follow the progress over the coming weeks on a number of social media with the Hashtag #MYCANVASJOURNEY, the main page on Tumblr is but you can also follow each Converse Canvas Bag’s journey on Instagram via or @mycanvasjourney.

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