Cruise into the good books with a Globe Bantam Cruiser Skateboard

There’s a fad every December, something that all the kids want and sometimes even the adults too. We’ve had Furbys, Tamagotchis and all kinds of crazes that have come and gone in the blink of an eye. But when it comes to sports equipment, it tends to stick around, and last year’s big thing – the mini cruiser board – is still a big seller. This year however, it’s predicted that these mini skateboards are really going to take off and thanks to the awesome designs that Globe have come out with on their new Bantam mini skateboards, we’re expecting them to be a big hit too.

The new Globe Graphic Bantam ST Cruiser Skateboards are a bit of an upgrade from the original Bantam boards. They’re not only smaller and lighter, but they also feature s-trac grip, a cool swallow tail and awesome slant trucks that you’ll find on all of the Globe cruiser boards.

But what really sets these mini boards apart from others available on the market is their fantastic and eye-catching deck designs. Available in a choice of designs including super cool Hawaiian floral print, Grandmas couch, Galaxy and Camo to name just a few, there’s one for every kind of skater out there.

We’ve got these bad boys in stock and available to ship out now so get yours in time for Christmas at less than £80. A great gift at a great price, what more could your recipient ask for?

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