Camping innovation with Tentsile Tents

Camping innovation with Tentsile Tents

Exploring the wilderness is often an incredible experience and every so often a brand comes along to revolutionise the outdoors lifestyle like never before.  The collection of premium tents from Tentsile are one such innovation that merges a simple idea with the need for helping to look after our global environment.

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The main concept behind Tentsile is for everyone to be able to pitch up a tent in any environment and enjoy a comfortable way to relax.  The design sees a quality construction of triangular webbing strap adjustable frame, durable Polyester fabric coated with Polyurethane and a tear resistant, insect-repelling Micro-Mesh roof that can be pitched primarily with the included ratchets and straps to tree trunks no more than 4 feet from the ground.  Each Tentsile is built to be strong with a 2.5 tonne minimum breaking strength but surprisingly only 7-9kg in weight (depending on the model you choose) ensuring plenty of confidence while in use.  Alternatively if you still prefer being on the ground at times or happen to camp where there isn’t anything to attach the Tentsile Tent to, each one can be pitched on the ground just like a traditional tent.

Each of the Tentsile Tents comes in a number of style options which includes various colourways along with patterns such as camouflage.  There are also Tentsile Accessories available here at Blackleaf as well like the Tentsile Hammocks that are perfect for sunny days in the garden and use the same clever design as the tents, plus handy extras like the Tentsile drinks holders and the ladders which are essential for easy entry and descent, especially when pitched at the maximum height.

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