Are you built for the Outdoors Lifestyle?

Modern lifestyles often mean finding time to really enjoy the outdoors can be tricky even if ironically you live near the countryside or a National Park but there are a few signs in your daily life that show getting out of the daily grind and exploring the wilderness every now and again is a must.  Here are the top things to look for in your quest for the outdoors lifestyle;

You would prefer commuting on a bike than take public transport

Even if it means being a little late.  If your trip into work is met with daydreams of cycling along Alpine or woodland trails with fresh air, sunshine and stunning vistas all around then it may be worth going on a ride after work, on days off or even to your job to keep the inner adventurer happy.

Your electronic devices wallpapers are stunning Landscapes

The view from your window doesn’t inspire so instead your computer and phone screens are images show favourite locations from previous trips where your heart belongs or places on a bucket list you plan to visit ‘one day’.

The Office window would be perfect for Base Jumping from to the street below

The urge to escape the monotony of the working day overtakes you and thoughts of how easy it would be to base jump from the window enter your mind or alternatively paragliding or abseiling depending on the weather.  Maybe on the day you finally retire.

You spend longer travelling to a trail than hiking it

Finding somewhere new to explore or walking those spots that are your favourite places in the world matters more than how long it takes to get there certainly shows you’re built for the outdoors and maybe a move far away from the urban sprawl is in order.

Bills and rent leave little to spend on adventures

Everyone hates having to pay out more than you can save, especially when it prevents you from being able to go travelling on days off.  Some days leaving it all behind for a tent in the hills seems like a preferable alternative.

Your travel to lunch in the park only leaves you minutes to eat there

If you think meals taste better outside and that a coffee should always be enjoyed with a greener view to take in, even if by the time you get to the nearest park on a lunch break results in only being able to stay there the time it takes to eat a sandwich.

If any or all of these signs sound like you then maybe you are more built for the outdoors lifestyle than the typical urban way of life.  If you want to make changes to head into the wild for a new adventure with the most appropriate premium outdoor products packed with innovation, style and quality at Blackleaf.

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