Adventures with Sebago

Here at Blackleaf, we love Sebago’s latest range, with premium styles that can take you from the office to the countryside in a breeze. To celebrate their iconic Turner shoe, we joined Sebago on an adventure to Cuckmere Haven to test out the Chelsea.

With an office based in London, Sebago know all too well how easy it is to forget about the rolling green hills when so much time is spent in the hectic, industrial environment. Where the Turner is the perfect choice for smart city dwellers, these premium boots embrace the country at the same time, and this is why the waterproof and nature friendly attributes were put to the test.

DSC_0228 Edited

The Turners’ real journey began at Eastbourne’s train station, taking in the last of urban life before heading for Cuckmere Haven and Hope’s Gap, nestled on the southern coast of England. Urban cityscapes quickly became postcard perfect views surrounded by rustic fences, flecks of sheep and cattle, and glimmering meanders that led Sebago to the beach- the Turner’s true habitat.


For Sebago, the Seven Sisters National Park is a little piece of heaven and a welcome escape from bustling city life, with sparse hills acquainted by a cosy country pub to make any urbanite feel at home. With muddy treks, walking trails, and cliff top views, the Turner tackled this new landscape head on. With a steady grip that keeps you grounded when venturing off track, and waterproof style that conquers mud, downpours and puddles,  the Turner isn’t just a boot that makes you look sharp in the office.


From the city to the country and back, Sebago’s Turner Chelseas have you covered. With the autumn days ahead, these are the perfect companions for spontaneous escapes and days spent exploring- let us know where they take you.

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