Funk up your optics with Funky Eyes

Funk up your optics with Funky Eyes

So you’ve got your outfit all ready, fake blood on standby and a host of gory accessories to make you look even scarier – but something is still missing. Oh that’s it! You don’t look dead, paranormal or supernatural because you’re mortal. They say it’s all in the eyes so if you’re looking for the absolute pinnacle in finishing touches for your Halloween outfit, look no further than where we’ve got the Funky Eyes for your costume.


These coloured contacts have been giving actors, singers and entertainers a freaky appearance since being launched and now they’re widely available there’s no better time than Halloween to grab a pair and wear them as if it were completely normal. Funky Eyes contact lenses work by adding colour over the iris to create an enhanced or a scarily strange look to your eyes. Available in a choice of different colours and styles you can enjoy block colour lenses to white-out your eyes, completely remove their colour or change them, as well as Cats Eyes, funky patterns or UV lenses. But they’re not just for the weird and wonderful, Funky Eyes lenses are also available in simple and natural colour options so you can quite literally change the colour of your eyes from blue to green or brown.

Starting at under £14, changing the colour of your eyes isn’t exclusive to the rich and famous – it’s accessible to everyone. Funky Eyes are not contact lenses but a fashion accessory so if you’re looking for clearer vision these aren’t the kind of contacts you need. If you’re looking for something different then grab a pair today.

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