1 Base Layer 7 Days – Icebreaker

Founded in 1995 in New Zealand, Icebreaker pioneered the ethical and sustainable production of natural performance apparel. Today, Icebreaker continues to challenge the status quo while championing natural, transparent, and responsible ways to do business. No wonder, they’re a Blackleaf favourite.

As of today, 95% of icebreaker’s total fibre composition is merino wool or plant-based. This year the company will continue to research and develop bio-based alternatives for elastane, nylon and polyester. Icebreaker looks to nature for the answers and for innovative ways to do more with less. Working with what nature provides and adapting as nature does, icebreaker enables consumers to join a movement towards choosing natural and preserving our planet for generations to come.

One of Icebreaker’s campaigns this autumn winter season is 1 base layer, 7 days. Within this campaign, Icebreaker challenge you to wear a single base layer for 7 days straight, which as unhygienic as it sounds, is actually what we’ve done here at Blackleaf… Now you may be thinking “that is not for me” and to tell you the truth, so did we, but we gave them our word and we stuck to it. And we would be lying if we said we felt smelly, unclean or in anyway unhygienic – in fact, we actually loved it (especially considering how cold it’s got this week).

0A56CH069​ Granary LS​ Pocket Tee​ Loden

While still a high performance base layer brand, Icebreaker are evolving into much more than that, hence why us cool cats at Blackleaf are stocking them, and more than that, why we’re giving their challenge a go. This season, they’ve branched out of base layers and into some Scandi style inspired outerwear jackets, with future plans to grow and develop this range.

We cannot tell you enough, not only how warm and comfortable the Icebreaker base layers have been this past week, but how wearing them and reading up on their materials their sustainability credentials has given us food for thought on how Icebreaker are leading the charge in changing the way the apparel industry works.

0A56CH069​ Granary LS​ Pocket Tee​ Loden 0A56KD069 Berlin Pants Loden

Check out our range of Icebreaker here

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