Woolrich supplies those who are passionate about the outdoors with all the correct gear to throw themselves into adventures. During its history of over 190 years of service, Woolrich has played a monumental role in major historic events. For instance, Woolrich heroically supplied large amounts of insulating socks, blankets and coats to US soldiers during the War, which symbolises the immense quality and functionality of its products then and now, and the pure morals at the heart of the brand. Born in Pennsylvania in 1830, the first ever products mirrored the theory of the American dream; wear Woolrich to work to achieve the life you want to live, and the barriers which attempt to block your journey to success such as the somewhat relentless elements will fail to get in your way.

Every product still to this day brings stylish durability to your capsule wardrobe, each having endured a series of technological production techniques, to ensure that they unlock the privilege of a life lived mostly in the beautiful outdoors. Here at Blackleaf, we are immensely proud to work with Woolrich, and many of their iconic designs await below.