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Your pathway into urban farming is proudly brought to you by Veritable – the people providing innovative solutions to allow everyone to grow, harvest and enjoy fresh produce all from the comfort of their kitchen. You can plant and nurture flavourful herbs, edible flowers, small fruits, and baby vegetables that are fresh and all grown by you. The autonomous Veritable indoor garden uses LED light technology to ensure plant growth without the need for natural light. Proudly designed and made in France, they are the leader for indoor urban agriculture and use cutting-edge tech to ensure the best results. Veritable has identified the optimal light wavelength that covers a large volume of plants. The automatic irrigation system will water plants for 3-4 weeks, with the visual alarm indicating when it's time to refill the reservoir. Veritable smart gardens only work with Veritable Lingots. They also offer smaller indoor gardens called the Exky, which are ultra-compact and can fit into the smaller spaces of your home. The Lingot easily slots into all garden systems – so soon enough, you will have fresh herbs, veg, and fruit just a reach away to spice up any dish you prepare in your kitchen.