The North Face Clothing & Luggage

Named after the coldest and most unforgiving face of the mountains; The North Face is the reason why many climbers have made it to the peak, enjoyed a journey home and been able to plan their next adventure. Protecting climbers and adventurers for over 50 years since 1966, The North Face has grown into a brand that is arguably the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of premium outdoor lifestyle clothing available. Its defiance against the elements is what drives the brand forward to continue innovating and exploring. Never mind how cold or stormy; how high the climb or difficult the terrain, never stop exploring is the mantra that the company lives and breathes. As new products are constantly being created, The North Face clothing & luggage combines its own technologies with partner technologies to create some of the most advanced, quality products; with warmer layers such as jackets and hoodies all the way to backpacks. One of our favourites, the Kabru Down Jacket, pairs innovative WindWall technology with Responsible Down Standard (RDS) goose down, which work together to provide warmth in the most extreme conditions whilst remaining both flexible and breathable.