Solo Stove Cooking Systems

Designed as a compact, lightweight and efficient way of cooking and keeping warm while out on your next outdoor lifestyle adventure, the innovative Solo Stove is essential for survivalists, backpackers or for camping. The principle behind the Solo Stove is the incorporation of a secondary combustion that cooks smoke from the wood, or other suitable biomass used, and burns the smoke a further two times, resulting in a cleaner burn, plus the Solo Stove uses less fuel compared to other wood burning stoves. As any camping trip, or outdoor expedition can involve a number of individuals the premium Solo Stove cookware collection reflects such needs through the two person Solo Stove Lite, or up to four people with the Solo Stove Titan. Should more people join your adventures the Solo Stove Campfire and Bonfire models are perfect for sharing stories and a meal at base camp while keeping warm. Available at Blackleaf, the Solo Stoves provide a compact and eco-friendly way of preparing meals and beverages out in the wild.