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Samsoe Samsoe

For lovers of minimalist, accessible, and affordable fashion, Samsoe Samsoe is for you. Dating back to 1993, Samsoe Samoe began their fashion journey selling jewellery from a humble stall in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter before eventually developing into the chic fashion house we know today. Focussing on the simplicity of Scandinavian design, Samsoe Samsoe creates versatile and timeless pieces that are as equally stylish as they are functional. Using premium fabrics and iconic silhouettes, Samsoe Samoe has achieved an effortlessly cool and practical collection that celebrates understated fashion that does not fall out of style. Whether layering up for a cold-weather hike or worn as a stand-alone piece for a sunny day exploring, a Samsoe Samsoe garment will be sure to bring a subtle and sophisticated touch to your outdoor attire.