Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban are undoubtedly a global household name with a history spanning over eight decades which started when the innovation of medical equipment manufacturer Bausch & Lomb answered the call of designing a pair of eyewear that would stop glare and bright blue and white hues from affecting US Pilots in the air. This led to the legendary Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses being designed. Over the subsequent decades Ray Ban Sunglasses were designed for a range of outdoors lifestyle activities with premium technologies that resulted in Gradient mirrored, Polarised, Photochromic lenses and more. In addition Ray-Ban Sunglasses styles were made for fashionable wear and gained popularity with exposure in films, television and the music industry which saw production of the RayBan Wayfarer and Olympian Sunglasses styles. At Blackleaf.com we have the high quality and stylish sunglasses you can expect from Ray-Ban Shades.