Pig & Hen Bracelets

The story behind the innovation that is Pig & Hen dates back to the 1600s when Dutch sailors who went out with the largest Navy fleet the world had seen at the time had to find different ways of live and overcoming the obstacles associated with life at sea. The Pig&Hen became an emblem of good luck which seafarers had tattooed on themselves as they believed it would help them to survive if they had to abandon ship much like the pigs and hens shipped in wooden crates that could float to shore safely if lost overboard. The Pig & Hen brand takes that old seafarers survival technique and into a high quality collection of men’s bracelets made from premium ship rope and a selection of metals, all adorned with the Pig and Hen so that anyone in any outdoors lifestyle can enjoy a stylish emblem to bring them home safe on every adventure. Pig&Hen bracelets are available here at Blackleaf.com to suit every taste.