Petromax Lanterns

The story behind Petromax begins in 1910 when company founder Max Graetz decided to create a spirit lamp that would be very bright and affordable to everyone in primarily (at the time) pre-electrical households. Over time, the premium Petromax lantern collection became an international icon. Almost a century later, the current innovator behind Petromax, Jonas was on a trip in Africa and after a long trek trying to find a place to charge a flat battery for his truck after much repair in the desert, discovered a small village in Niger that used kerosene lamps for surprisingly bright illumination. Inspired by this discovery, he researched extensively and discovered that the coveted Petromax high-pressure lamps were still being used worldwide, so set to and bought fifty Petromax lamps to break down and re-sell. Further research led to the trademark of Petromax being acquired from the brand Schott and reestablished the tradition and heritage of Petromax. In the years since, Petromax has expanded to include an outdoor lifestyle adventure collection to cater to bushcraft, survival and camping needs which includes cooking systems and more. Find the high quality historic selection of Petromax lanterns right here at Blackleaf.